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ARJ Software News(Archives)

December 30, 2002

Because of recent fraudulent orders, we may choose to provide registration keys by postal mail only and not by email. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. In addition, order verification processing may cause delays.

June 12, 2002

A problem with the self-extractor (-je) of the May 31 build (released June 5) of ARJ 2.81a has been fixed. The self-extractor was reporting a data error.

June 5, 2002

The minor fix releases of ARJ 2.81a and ARJ32 3.10a have been released.

Changes include:
Increased unregistered ARJ32 support to 100,000 files at a time.
Added an option to allow ARJ32 to minimize its own window.
Fixed the unregistered initial time delay to one second.
Fixed ARJ paging to detect screen sizes larger than 25 lines.
Fixed the ARJ self-extractors to detect and use the "skip security check" option when located in the comment text. This option is normally used to detect viruses and damage.
Fixed the "t -jt1" option with chapter archives to compare only the last chapter.
Fixed a problem with processing "-xProgram Files\ ".
And more.

The fix release UNARJ 2.65 has been released. A bug in Decode.c has been fixed to allow better handling of damaged archives.

January 22, 2002

ZDNet Deutschland has awarded ARJ 2.75a, Shareware Of The Year 2001!
5 ZDNet "stars" and 5 user stars.

January 7, 2002

This ARJ website has been given a new look.

The JAR 1.02 primary site download was corrupted and is now fixed.

New builds of ARJ 2.81 and ARJ32 3.10 are now available. The minor fixes include removing an erroneous recovery data damage message when testing older ARJ-SECURED archives.

A new build of UNARJ (2.63) is now available.

November 27, 2001

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ 2.81 is available.

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ32 3.10 is available.

Numerous bug fixes (more than in any previous release)
Improved chapter archive handling
Improved multiple volume support
Improved UNC pathname handling
Registered support for archiving up to 260,000 files at one time in ARJ
Registered support for archiving up over 2 million files at one time in ARJ32
Improved ARJ-PROTECT feature
Added option for ARJ self-extractors (SFX/SFXV) to extract long filenames to Windows 2000/XP.
Added registration reminders

June 21, 2001

This is an important FIX RELEASE (June 18 build).

The OFFICIAL RELEASES ARJ 2.76 and ARJ32 3.09 are available.

June 14, 2001

This is an important FIX RELEASE.

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ 2.76 is available.

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ32 3.09 is available.

Fixed an ARJ slow down problem in Windows 2000/NT, most noticeable when freshening an archive.
Fixed a problem with clicking on an ARJ32 self-extracting archive located in folders with one or more spaces in the pathname.
Fixed a problem with using ARJCRYPT.COM/ARJ32_C.DLL in self-extracting archives.

October 31, 2000

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ 2.75a is available.

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ32 3.08a is available.

Fixed a looping problem with the "-vw" whole file option.
Added an option to ARJ 2.75a to access Windows 2000 long filenames.

September 6, 2000

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ 2.75 is available.

The OFFICIAL RELEASE ARJ32 3.08 is available.

Fixed a problem processing headers with invalid file sizes.
Cleaned up some documentation typos.

June 30, 2000

A BETA TEST RELEASE ARJ 2.73 is available.

A BETA TEST RELEASE ARJ32 3.06 is available.

Added missing SFX.TXT file.
Improved ARJ32 compression speed.
Fixed a number of multiple volume issues.
Cleaned up a number of minor bugs.
See the included WHATSNEW.TXT for more information.

May 31, 2000

A BETA TEST RELEASE ARJ 2.72 is available.

A BETA TEST RELEASE ARJ32 3.05 is available.

Fixed multiple volume updating to work when a work directory is specified.
Changed ARJ and ARJ32 version messages to allow better compatibility with Winzip.
Decreased the size of the ARJSFX32 self-extracting module to less than 43 Kbytes.
Fixed ARJ32 to run when installed in ANSI codepage pathnames.
Rebuilt the ARJ32 installation archive to run on more systems world-wide.
Rewrote the documentation on building ARJ/ARJ32 self-extractors.
See the included WHATSNEW.TXT for more information.


January 11, 2000

The OFFICIAL FIX RELEASE ARJ 2.71 is available.

The OFFICIAL FIX RELEASE ARJ32 3.04 is available.

Corrected some licensing displays for the registered versions.
Fixed disk full problem with -hk4 to -hk9 with diskettes.
Changed ARJSFXV/ARJSFX32 self-extractor open sharing mode to facilitate extraction on some PCs.
Fixed file attribute setting during extraction.


November 15, 1999

We have received reports that ARJ32V3I.EXE does not install ARJ32 properly on some Win9x/NT systems.

A workaround is to type "ARJ32V3I -b -s" to install ARJ32.


October 18, 1999

We have updated the contact information for our agent in the Netherlands.

Winzip technical support has informed us that Winzip has a problem determining the version number of ARJ 2.70.   We expect new versions of Winzip will account for our new ARJ version.


September 30, 1999

The OFFICIAL RELEASE version of ARJ 2.70 is available.

The OFFICIAL RELEASE version of ARJ32 3.03 is available.

Please note that ARJ32 is a new and separate product from ARJ Software, Inc.   ARJ 2.70 is the upgrade for ARJ version 2.60.


September 18, 1999

The PRE-RELEASE test version of ARJ 2.63 is available.

The ACTUAL expiration date of ARJ 2.63 is April 2000 to facilitate Year 2000 testing. In addition, there is a option to completely disable the expiration feature. That option is available upon request.

September 11, 1999

The PRE-RELEASE test version of ARJ32 3.02a is available.

The ACTUAL expiration date of ARJ32 3.02a is April 2000 to facilitate Year 2000 testing. In addition, there is a option to completely disable the expiration feature. That option is available upon request.

The PRE-RELEASE of ARJ for DOS will be available in the next seven days.

September 8, 1999

A PRE-RELEASE version of ARJ32 should be available later this week.

ARJ for DOS and ARJ32 official releases are still on-schedule for release later this month.

An update has been made to our Y2K compliance statement concerning the "-h#" option.

August 18, 1999

Released ARJ32 3.02 BETA test release.

Enhanced ARJ-PROTECT data damage protection. ARJ-PROTECT data is now appended to archives.

Fixed WinNT long filename "marking" in archives.

Added support for a soon-to-be-released encryption DLL that is compatible to ARJCRYPT.COM.

ARJ for DOS 2.6x has been delayed to include this ARJ-PROTECT enhancement. Both ARJ for DOS and ARJ32 are scheduled for release in September.

An ALPHA level test version of JAR 2.0 is planned for this fall.

July 31, 1999

Released ARJ32 3.01a BETA test release.

Fixed Ctrl Break handling in ARJ32 and REARJ32.
Fixed REARJ32 lack of long filename handling.
Fixed the ARJSFXV self-extractor to handle up to 65,000 files.

Stayed tuned for a new version updating the ARJ-PROTECT data damage protection feature (one file instead of two).

May 27, 1999

Released ARJ32 3.01 BETA test release.

The official production release of ARJ 2.6x for DOS is expected soon.

Fixed to allow commenting of ARJ chapters as documented.
Fixed to remove incomplete *.XRJ files when aborting.

April 2, 1999

Released alpha ARJ32 3.00d and beta ARJ 2.62d.

Modified the "l" and "v" display to indicate the type of encryption used.
Modified ARJ to accept a new version of ARJCRYPT.COM that can handle a password up to 64 characters. That version of ARJCRYPT.COM is not available yet.
Fixed ARJ32 and REARJ32 wildcard scanning to match that of ARJ.EXE.
Fixed a null pointer problem with the "-jt3" option.
Fixed a display issue with files with percent signs in them.
Fixed a problem using the "-hg" option with the "g" command.
Removed some extraneous error messages.

Refer to information below through to December 28.

January 29, 1999

Released alpha ARJ32 3.00c and beta ARJ 2.62c.

Made -hm3000 the default for ARJ to avoid "Out of memory" errors when archiving many files.
Fixed cleanup of temp files after an unsuccessful move command.
Fixed ARJ32 detection of read errors due to bad sectors.
Fixed a header problem when adding comments or chapter headers to an archive.
Fixed the ARJ32 control break handler.

January 9, 1999

Released January 9 build of ARJ32 3.00b.
Fixed "access violations" with the use of the "-js.ext" option and the use of the wrong passwords.

Thanks to all those who have been providing bug reports to us.  We will continue to release new versions of ARJ32 as necessary.

January 8, 1999

Released January 8 builds of ARJ 2.62a and ARJ32 3.00a.
Fixed ARJTEMP*.* file cleanup in January 7 builds of ARJ 2.62a and ARJ32 3.00a.

January 7, 1999

Now available are versions ARJ 2.62a and ARJ32 3.00a.
These versions supersede 2.62 and 3.00.  They implement better handling of the ANSI/OEM codepage issue.  By default now, ARJ and ARJ32 will use the OEM codepage (used by DOS).  ARJ32 can optionally use the ANSI codepage.  ARJ 2.62a has been enhanced to identify and warn users about ARJ32 ANSI codepage archives.  ARJ 2.62a and previous versions of ARJ cannot use the ANSI codepage.  Non-English ARJ users will probably want to use the ANSI codepage option of ARJ32 (-hy).

At this time, ARJ32 does not support UNICODE (multi-byte per symbol alphabets).

Included with ARJ32 is an option to "flag" old ARJ32 3.00 archives as ANSI codepage archives.  This is necessary to avoid codepage conflicts with ARJ32 3.00a and ARJ for DOS.

Refer to additional release information listed under December 28, 1998.

Several users have reported Norton virus warnings with software downloaded from this site.  In our opinion, those warnings are false alarms.  Our software has been scanned by several anti-virus scanners with no viruses detected.

December 28, 1998

We have updated our Year 2000 Compliance Statement.  See our FAQ page

We are now releasing a BETA level test version of ARJ 2.62 and an ALPHA level test version of ARJ32 for Windows NT/95/98.

New features include:

  • ARJ32 support for long filenames in Windows NT and Windows 95/98.
  • Support for file date-time created and accessed.
  • Support for restoration of file properties separately from file contents.
  • An option to generate unique output filenames while retaining the file extension.
  • A fix to REARJ to allow deletions of converted archives.
  • A new 32 bit version REARJ32 to handle archives with long filenames in Windows NT/95/98.
CAUTION: These versions are PUBLIC TEST versions and may contain bugs.  ARJ32 has NOT been tested under WinNT 3.51.

September 10, 1998

We are now releasing a BETA level test version of ARJ 2.61.  This is an enhancement/fix release version.

New features include:

  • Self extractor auto-execution option
  • Improved year 2000 support for date options -o and -ob
  • Disk erasing option when making multiple volume archives
  • Differentiation of files that truly have Windows 95 long filenames versus normal 8.3 DOS names
  • Self extractor simple virus checker
  • Automatic password prompting with garbled ARJSFXV self extractors
  • Windows 95 diskette cache flush and reset feature for better diskette testing
  • Several fixes to improve ARJ stability
  • A 40 bit encryption algorithm to meet USA export rules (variation of GOST)
In addition, we have developed and are now testing a Win32 console mode version of ARJ.  This version supports almost all of the functionality of ARJ.  ARJ32 runs as a 32 bit application in both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT and supports long filenames in both operating systems.  Look for a public TEST version of this later this year.

JAR development is still ongoing.  Please bear with us as we work on a new version of JAR.

May 7, 1998

We've made it easier for you to order a registered copy of our products! You can now order online if you are paying by credit card or purchase order. Take advantage of this time-saver today! Don't worry, though - you can still print our order forms if you prefer to fax or mail in your order. Check it out now!

April 14, 1998

We're in the process of developing some new features for you! Coming up in our new DOT release we'll be incorporating the following:
  1. One new feature will be a self extractor POST extraction command option. In other words, the ARJ self extractor will be able to execute a command after all files have been successfully extracted. For safety, the self extractor will display a message with an opportunity to abort the external command. We would like to hear from users concerning the design of this new feature.
  2. A second feature will be a -g? option for the large self extractor. This will allow a custom built-in command line to cause the self extractor to prompt a user to enter a password.
  3. ARJ.EXE will accept a -g option on the command line when using a RESPONSE file.
  4. When archiving files under Windows 95, files without long names are still saved with a Win95 host based designation. It is possible to detect this fact and change the way files are designated. However, adding this feature could cause a problem for a user archiving a directory with 100 files with normal names and 1 file with a Win95 long filename. This user might not realize that such an archive extracted on a DOS machine would abort when trying to extract the one long filename. Should this feature be optional?

November 26, 1997

Please note the following ARJ 2.60 problem:

With this new release of ARJ 2.60, we have been informed of a small problem with the small ARJ self-extractor.

As indicated in the ARJ documentation, the small self-extractor does NOT support Windows 95 long filenames. The PROBLEM is that ARJ does not PREVENT the user from building such an invalid self-extracting archive except when converting an existing archive.

Example: ARJ a install "C:\Small Files\*.*" -je1 -r

In the above case, the self-extracting archive during extraction will display an open error message.

The good news: The SOLUTION to this problem is to always use the -hf option with the -je1 option.

November 21, 1997

Our news  for the day:  ARJ Software, Inc. proudly announces the official release of ARJ 2.60! New version, new features.

November 1, 1997

Announcing half price upgrades for current ARJ users switching to JAR, when you order a license of equal or lesser value. What a bargain, what a buy! For additional details, please send your queries to us:

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